We need to fight every effort to take the United States backwards on climate change issues by Kathleen

February 28, 2017


We need to fight every effort to take the United States backwards on climate change issues

Climate change not only in the United States, but all around the world, is a huge global issue causing many issues, soon leading to catastrophe. States are making moves to protect mother earth and keep it the way it should be; clean.

Climate change is affecting coastal areas in many ways. Coasts are sensitive to sea level rise, changes in the frequency and intensity of storms, increases in precipitation, and warmer ocean temperatures. The impacts of climate change are likely to worsen problems that coastal areas already face. Approaching existing challenges that affect shoreline erosion, coastal flooding, and water pollution, is already a concern in many areas.

Donald Trump has recently picked Scott Pruitt to head the EPA during his presidency. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) is all about tracking greenhouse gas emission trends and identify opportunities for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. Trump has picked someone new to lead an organization aimed at protecting mother earth, and we all hope he does this job well.

Over the last decade or so, most states have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency and renewable fuels. These trends should continue as clean energy costs continue to decline and, in some parts of the country, fall below the cost of dirtier fuels like coal. States are also beginning to put a price on carbon emissions to increase the cost of older fuels and encourage cleaner sources of energy. According to New York Times, “Lawmakers, environmental groups and individuals who care about climate change ought to fight every effort to take the country backward on this issue. But it will be just as important for them to support states that are trying to advance the cause.”


Photo by Peter.Bowden