This post is a boy version of “Girl” from Jamaica Kincaid

Make sure you eat all your rice, or else each rice grain you don’t eat will turn into cockroaches when you die and you will have to eat them; make sure you get good grades in school or else you will be like those homeless people on the street; be sure to finish your homework; make sure you do good in school; this is how to become a doctor, you want to live good do you?, how come my friends son has a 4.0–you mean to say that you are dumb? this is how you cook rice, this is how you cook; don’t date a girl till when you are in college; don’t play games too much; always sit up straight; when you are older, make sure you find a wife, only when you’re older; this is how to take care your little cousins, because one day you will get older and they will eventually take care of you in the future; always ask your brothers for help when you don’t understand something at school; if you don’t understand your homework, ask your older brother Jim; but what if I’m not smarter than everyone else in this family; you mean to say that you’re not smart; don’t get distracted from your friends, hang out with your smart friends, not your dumb friends; don’t get badly influenced from people at your school because Oakland is ghetto and everyone is trouble; this is how you clean a house, this is how you clean your room; don’t always try to flirt with a girl, don’t even flirt with a girl at all; is it true that you gotten in a fight?, you mean to say that you fought over nothing; it was self defense mom; when you get older, you will be more mature, when your mature you will make better life choices, when you make better life choices you live better, when you live better you will live the American dream.

  • How did it feel to write out the expectations made of you?

    • It kind of made me realize that I’m not like the stereotypical asians

  • What challenges, if any, did you have with mimicking Jamaica Kincaid’s style?

    • The examples of expectations of me and how I grew up, because I couldn’t think of any more expectations my parents threw at me when I was younger
  • If this wasn’t already answered, what did it feel like to conform to the syntax of Jamaica Kincaid’s original piece?

    • It was really difficult because of the way Jamaica Kincaid worded her piece and how complex it was
  • Should Ms. Paraiso do this writing assignment again? Why or why not?

    • Well, if she would like, I find it very interesting and engaging to be able to make mock someone else’s work and make my own representation of it.


  1. Katie 3 years ago

    I found this story very well-written and interesting. It was a very good idea to italicize your responses to your mom telling you what to do. I think it’s very good that you’re speaking up about unrealistic pressures and standards as well as stereotypes. Also, how does your idea of the American Dream differ from your mother’s?

  2. kayden milburn 3 years ago

    Kevin, I really found this post very interesting. It was different and enjoyable to read, you found something that relates to you and it shows your own understanding of who you are and what you believe to be the stereotypes. Do you think that it is good for you to follow the so called “American dream” or do you think you want to be who you are as not a stereotypical race? Also do you feel that not being the stereotypical race you are, has that made you different in a way or has that shaped you are today? I found a article that involves stereotypes between kids and adults through their own experience, I think you should check it out.

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