Attribute: Employs a Public Voice

Dimension: Rhetorical Choices

My Strengths:

In the text, I explain the importance of AI Mojo as an accessible learning tool for people to understand how AI works. I also provide examples of how it can help with writing projects such as outlining and helping with writer’s block. These rhetorical choices are effective in that they demonstrate my understanding of how AI can be beneficial for writers and help engage readers in the potential uses of AI.

Areas I might improve upon:

I could further explore other ways that AI Mojo could be used to make writing more efficient, such as its ability to identify errors or suggest revisions. Additionally, while I provide evidence to back up statements on its usefulness, providing more detailed examples and stories would be helpful in engaging my audience further and demonstrating a better command of the issue.

Attribute: Employs a Public Voice

Dimension: Credibility

My Strengths:

I draw on personal stories to explain how AI Mojo has helped me take my writing projects further, demonstrating a level of understanding and engagement with the topic at hand. Quoting myself “The use of AI is not good enough to completely take over entire essays, but they can help create outlines and topics to combat writer’s block” shows that I am knowledgeable about the capabilities of this platform. Additionally, there are no errors present in my writing that detract from my credibility as an author.

Areas I might improve upon:

Strengthening my credibility even further could involve providing more personal anecdotes or stories about experiences using this platform successfully or highlighting other authors who have found success utilizing this tool in their own writings. Additionally, providing more concrete evidence such as statistics or research studies could also add weight to statements made in the text regarding the usefulness of this platform and bolster my credibility even further.

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