The primary way that AI has aided me on Youth Voices is by how helpful it can be for writing. It has also aided me when it comes to other AI that may be overloaded and not functioning right now, but every time I’ve logged in, it has done so. It also made essay writing simpler for me, especially if I had to write 10+ pages. AI is pretty handy for that (LOL), and you can just add paraphrase or grammar checking to AI to get a variety of various methods to write things.  The AI will do its best to make the people, backgrounds, or even something you imagined come to life, and it has a variety of fonts it can use. For example, if you want the photo to be artistic, the AI will create it that way. Alternatively, if you want it to look like it was taken with a phone or camera, or for any other reason, the AI will create it. It demonstrates how current technology is changing, which is what I admire about it. Additionally, since everything is available on YouthVoices, you don’t need to travel elsewhere to make the illustrations or edit your writing; everything is handled in one place. Additionally, the fact that you can publish there means that anything you put there may be readily transported elsewhere using AI. That’s why I enjoy it—it’s so practical in so many ways. 

AI has been helpful in many ways while using Youth Voices, especially when it comes to writing. It makes it easier to create essays, even if you have to write more than 10 pages. AI is also useful for paraphrasing and checking grammar, as well as creating images like people, backgrounds or something imagined. It can also be used to post on different platforms with ease. The modern technology of AI is very helpful and adaptable which is why I enjoy using it so much on YouthVoices since all the tools are there for me in one place.

What it says: AI has been beneficial for many tasks while using YouthVoices such as writing essays, paraphrasing, checking grammar and creating images. 

What it does: Highlights how convenient AI can be when used on Youth Voices as all the tools are available in one place and how modern technology is adapting with its usage.
See that, I used AI to help me paraphrase and summarize my work, Highlighting what it says and what it does just by me including the paragraph that I wrote, useful huh? I agree.


AI has been incredibly helpful while using Youth Voices. It has made writing essays, even those that are more than 10 pages long, much simpler. AI can also be used for paraphrasing and grammar checking, as well as creating images such as people, backgrounds, or something imagined.

The modern technology of AI is very adaptable and convenient, which is why I enjoy using it on YouthVoices. All the tools are available in one place, and it is easy to post on different platforms. This demonstrates how current technology is changing and adapting with its usage. I appreciate the practicality of AI in so many ways.

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May 2, 2023 6:07 pm

I agree. When given clear information about what you’re writing about, AI is a great assistant for improving your writing.

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