You need sleep! by Fatima

October 19, 2021


You need sleep!

In the article “ Why sleep is important” I learned that sleep is very important and needed for our bodies. Sleep can affect us in a variety of ways such as our health, our way to function, school work, socially, and even driving. When getting off our schedule and staying up late to try to get to work done, we think it a good but it’s actually bad for us. We get sleep deprived, have memory loss, and have trouble learning. Because we get loss of sleep constantly our brains will start to function differently. Which can then lead to many different effects in our lives.

I also think sleep is very important because sleeping in a way is how we recharge our bodies after a long day of work. It’s the way we get rest which is needed for our bodies and when we don’t get rest our bodies will function differently. We can then become moody, sensitive, and upset over any little thing which is not good because we will bring negativity in our lives when we shouldn’t. It also affects our health because when we get a loss of sleep we can even get high blood pressure. As mentioned before when we don’t get enough sleep our brains don’t function properly and can affect us in our daily routine such as school. Personally, I sometimes stay up late and am even I’m willing to pull all-nighters because I want to finish homework but yes I can get work done but that means I get less sleep which will affect me the next day to function at school while I’m trying to learn I might have more trouble learning than other. Why because I am sleep-deprived. Personally, I believe that we should all have a good sleeping schedule that will be effective and help us get the rest we need to be able to allow our bodies to express to the best of their ability.

How many hours of sleep do you get at night? Are you getting the rest you need? And what will you do to change your sleeping schedule now that you know sleep is very important to our bodies?