What’s important to know about me is I don’t like to socialize.  I don’t like to meet new people and be friendly. I was born September 14, 2000. I lived on 169th and College Avenue in the Bronx my whole life until now. I recently moved to a new block named Jesup. I like to get all my work done in school so I can hurry up and graduate. I like to stay home, sleep, stay at my boyfriend’s house, and play video games. I’m not particularly good at anything. My plan for the future is to just have a well-paying job, be married, have kids, my own apartment, just living the average life.

I hear people speaking Spanish outside on the street and in the stores, but I don’t understand anything they say. I also see people from Africa wearing traditional clothes. The different cultural groups in my neighborhood do not interact with each other. They stay to their own. I can compare my life with the life of immigrants in my community. They stay outside all the time while I’m home most of the time. They speak different languages and I only speak English. Also the clothing they wear, I would never think of wearing.

An incident where I experienced injustice is when I had been kicked out from my old school. It was around Taft High School, right outside. The people involved were some girls I met at the park and some other girl I had fought months before. So basically the girl I had fought in school was because she had texted me, bothering me, having her sisters call me, trying to make me scared or something. So the girls I had met at the park saw the video of my fight and didn’t like the fact she pulled my hair. Since the girls had nothing better to do with themselves, they said they were going to fight her. I didn’t care. I told them to keep my name out of their mouths. Months later they popped up at my school looking for the girl. They ended up seeing her and her friend and fought them. Well, I wouldn’t call it a fight. They basically just got beat up. I didn’t know they was actually going to come because it was so many months before that this girl and I got into an altercation. I mean I still didn’t care. It’s not like she was my friend. The thing that was unfair about it was the fact that I had gotten blamed for something that I didn’t even do and got kicked out.

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October 10, 2018 3:03 pm

I think it is cool that you are willing to tell us about yourself. I agree with you that you shouldn’t have gotten kicked out of your school, and some similar things have happened at my school.

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