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In the article, “You Decide: Should Community College Be Free?” (btw, btwadmin, 2022) I learned that community colleges are a really great option for students after high school as well as being much closer to home and less expensive than 4-year colleges. Many community colleges have flexible schedules for those that cannot attend most of the time because of family or work. President Obama and Biden have proposed making community college free for students who want to attend. But some colleges have limitations such as requiring students for tuition or live near or in the same country as the community college. Most people are happy about this decision while others are unsure.

I believe that community colleges should be free because many people cannot pay for them, although they are less expensive. Having community college free will increase graduation and enrollment rates. This can also have a better-educated public, making better-educated voters. Free tuition can have first-generation or low-income students to consider a college degree, reducing payment for college. Students are more able to pursue public service degrees, without paying for loans as well as increasing the amount of teachers, officers and even other type of jobs.

Do you think community colleges should be free? Why or why not?

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November 11, 2022 2:17 am

Dear Karen, 

I am surprised by your post “You decide: Should community colleges be free?” because a lot of students go to community college if they still haven’t decided what they want to do. But also many students go to community colleges because they don’t want to be so far away from their families. Not all students want to go far so their only option sometimes can be a community college. 

One sentence that stood out to me was “I believe that community colleges should be free because many people cannot pay for them, although they are less expensive.” This stood out to me because community colleges can be an opportunity to explore and then when done to transfer to a four-year university. I think it is great because many students would be able to see what it looks like. 

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your post was something really true and also interesting. 


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