Reflection On Upstander Project

1. What your project was about / action ?

My project was about being upstanders for a chosen topic, I chose teen pregnancy and so we had to try and raise awareness for the topic. What we did to raise awareness was that we made an instagram account and we also made a donation box so that people are able to donate old baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, etc. We also made flyers and posted them around our school to inform people about the donation box. We made a GoFundMe page in order to send the donations to McAlister High School, in Los Angeles. We had a day where people wear BLUE because that’s the color that is for teen pregnancy, like to support them. Last but not least we are painting a mural on one of our teachers doors.

2. What does being an upstander mean to you now ?

Being an upstander for me is being super passionate about a certain topic / issue and wanting to create a better change for that issue. You inform people, you raise awareness about the issue. What I mean by informing people is to make flyers or do a whole presentation to educate people about your topic.

3. What did you learn about yourself as a student / person in this project ?

I’m very passionate when it comes to a topic that I truly have interest in and if I truly do care for it. I’ve noticed that when I’m assigned to do something I don’t ever put rue work and time into it but once I truly want to do something and I got to choose it, I put tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears into it. Also that once i have an opinion on my topic no one can change my mind. I’m very stubborn. I also, learned that I work very well in a group but there are little things that might distract me when it comes to being in a team with my friends.

4. What did you learn as an upstander ?

I learned that it’s very difficult and not everyone is going to support your issue / topic, but it’s all part of being an upstander and we have to respect other people’s opinions. Being an upstander is something you choose to be, you can’t truly be forced to do it. Being an upstander means that you are willing to stand up for others outside your community and maybe even around the world. It’s hard work to be an upstander but as long as you have people who support you and are willing to help you out, you can do it !

5. Next steps you would like to take as an upstander for this issue or another issue ?

I want to personally continue our teams mural and finish it, I want to continue posting on our instagram account and continue to receive donations and send them to McAlister, and maybe we can start a workshop because teen pregnancy is a real issue that not  lot of people either want to talk about or just don’t have enough knowledge and understanding about the issue. We can even get donations and give them to teen mothers here in Oakland ! I want to be able to create a safe space for teen mothers and allies. I want to be able to educate those who aren’t educated. There are so many possibilities on what I could continue doing for this issue but, starting off small is most definitely the move.

6. Advice to other upstanders, students looking to create a change ?

Just do it ! Seriously, if you see an issue that you truly care about, and are willing to raise awareness for it, or educate people on the issue, try to find ways to do it. You can do big things or small ! As long as you are doing it because you truly want to, not just because you are being forced to do it. Honestly, yes it’s going to be difficult at first but make sure you’re educated yourself about the whole topic because you don’t want to go out supporting an issue if you don’t have a lot of knowledge on the issue yourself. But other than that, you got this and you can do this !!!

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May 10, 2019 11:47 am

Hi Celeste,
I think this is a really cool project that focuses on caring about other people. Teen pregnancy is a topic that we as a society tend to shy away from or look down upon so I’m glad you’re doing something to help teen moms get the resources they need to take care of themselves and their kids. I especially liked how you talked about what being an upstander means to you, “Being an upstander for me is being super passionate about a certain topic / issue and wanting to create a better change for that issue.” I like how you included wanting to create better change for an issue. Here is a link to other kids who are trying to be helpful in their community as well Dozens help Beaches Go Green clean up Atlantic and Neptune Beaches
I loved reading about your project and I hope to read more from you soon

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