YNP Mountain Goats by Joseph

May 26, 2017


YNP Mountain Goats

Mountain goats should be studied in Yellowstone National Park because park rangers and the park service don’t know enough about them. Studying these animals could also help biologists find possible mountain goat migration route. It could also help them understand how the animals think, and we need to know about them in case we need to help them.

For the sake of the animals, scientists should know why the animals migrated to the park in the first place. Like if their resources depleted or if their habitat was destroyed and caused them to vacate or if it was the predators that made them move into the park. These are questions we could answer if we studied them. We could know why they inhabited the Northeastern and Northwestern portions of the park. Why did they migrate South into the park? Why didn’t they go North? These are also answers we could figure out if we studied them. I think that we should make an organization that go towards studying these animals as well as helping their population grow in size. As well as protect them if they are getting domesticated, hazed, or harassed in their habitats.

In the Handbook I found that there are in fact 208 Mountain Goats in and adjacent to YNP. I also found out that they are infrequently found in the Northeastern and Northwestern portions of the park in alpine habitat. I also found that both sexes (male and female) have horns and that the female’s horns are less curved, thinner, and are sometimes longer.

Some people might believe that the Mountain Goat should be left alone. That is a good point but we could help these animals if we studied them. We could know a lot about these animals and actually help these animals to be left alone. We could know why they moved into the park. If they moved because of the depletion of their resources than we could find a way to put those resources back into the ecosystem.

I think that we should have the Park rangers and the Biologists that go to the park regularly should study these animals. We need to know if they came because of hunters, or depleted resources, or other animals. It is a problem that we need to fix if we need to remove these animals from the park to do so than that isn’t a problem. We should do it for the protection of these animals.

We need to figure these questions out so we know exactly why they moved into the park, or why they moved when they did, where they moved. We might not be able to find the answers to these questions but it is worth a try. These answers could have some significance to the Mountain Goat. I think that if people are aware of these animals than they would try and help keep them in the park and keep them safe as well as find out why they are there in the first place. I think that it would take some money to get researchers to research these animals.