The problem that we have in our world today is poverty. People are living in poverty everywhere we go today. As community I feel like we should find a way to stop this. This is a big problem in today’s society, especially with poverty mostly affecting kids. Some kids are missing a lot of school. On top of this some kids are dropping out of high school before graduating. Also, this is a big problem with families not being able to eat. Its very sad to see  people go through this in our world. Luckily, we have solutions to decrease the rate of poverty, but it takes everyone in the world to do so. Fighting poverty takes a lot of time due to the fact that it is not a simple and short termed process, especially if we want a deep transformation to take place to those affected. Another solution that we have to decrease poverty is we need to increase government spending and raise the minimum wage as well. We need to decrease unemployment as well, we can do this by creating good jobs that people are capable of applying for.  Some solutions I don’t really approve of such as the solution that involves “the ones that are in poverty should speak up”. This is because they shouldn’t take all of the responsibility of poverty.

5 Ways to Fight Poverty

The Top 10 Solutions to Cut Poverty and Grow the Middle Class


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May 14, 2019 6:17 pm

Dear, Mack

I strongly agree with all your viewpoints and have a similar motive. Remind the world of the poverty in America, New York and most importantly the world. Many societies are in a tough battle through poverty. I also agree with your thoughts on children poverty. For a child to be successful a strong base is highly recommended. Many people are by our side to increase the economy of the world and just make the world a better place. Helping others is a great way to limit poverty all around. My group and I also have a blog to propose information and methods to limit poverty. If you want to check out our blog, We would love a collaboration, thank you.

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