This is my writer’s autobiography.


For our February issue of Madame Noir, 2017, we interviewed Ariel Saah. Self proclaimed writer, chef, actress and fashionista, this young business mogul is taking the hotel business by storm… and doing it all over both her home country, Cameroon, and here, in the U.S.. We are excited to talk to her about the more artistic side to this number crunching, baddie and asked her all about her writing.  

Vanessa: So tell us, why do you write?

Ariel: I love writing because it is a much more reliable version of storytelling rather than orally. When telling a story orally, one needs to make sure someone is ready to listen, and that that someone is paying attention and will remember. But all I need to write is a paper and pen (although I personally prefer my computer :)). I also love that when I am done telling my story (writing) it is still there and I can go back and tweak it or add things that I’ve forgotten. But when you are done telling a story orally, it’s just done.

V: What do you write about?

A: I love writing about things that I have experienced.  My brain is so linear (partly why I’m good at business) I can’t just conjure up images of completely different realms and dimensions (although I do like to read about them). I like to write about what I know. Whether that be fictional, expressions of my African family and community or my actual diary. I also love writing non fiction that I’m interested in: race relations in this country, the ills of my home country Cameroon, feminism and it’s complexities. Stuff like that.

V: What kind of environment helps you write?

A: I absolutely love working on the couch in our sunroom in the spring, summer and (warm) fall. With grapes. Or popcorn. And pop. Or tea. Iced tea, not hot though. Oh and music playing.

V: What makes you feel inspired, or imaginative?

A: Just being around my family and I know that that sounds incredibly cliche but it’s true. Our music, our food, our accents, and languages. It is quite literally invigorating. I also love listening to music. I think because I’m a singer I’m able to appreciate many types of music, and let that inspire and move me.  

V: What would you consider your weaknesses in terms of writing?

A: For me it seems to be my endings of stories, I’m not that great at ending my stories and I’ve been that way since, like, elementary school. shrugs her shoulders

V:  Is there a writing project of which you are particularly proud?

A: Well, I’m currently working on a screenplay for a TV pilot show that I have fallen in love with. It’s in the works so hopefully if it makes it to production that’s what we’ll talk about the next time I’m here winks 😉 I also really like this essay I wrote on institutional racism last year.

V: Wow Ariel, thank you so much for talking to us. It was really great to get that insight into your more creative side.

A: I had such a great time, thank you, Vanessa, it was my pleasure.

We’re excited to see what this young woman goes on to do both in her business and personal life. If we’re lucky maybe she’ll write us a memoir, so we can follow in high-heeled footsteps.   

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Antonia N
Antonia N
September 5, 2022 4:48 pm

It is always interesting to know the writer from another view, and autobiography reveals the new sides of human personality. I read here why many writers show their own life though the perspective of their characters. So I loved to know more facts about your life, so cool.

Last edited 1 year ago by Antonia N
March 7, 2017 12:33 pm

Nice writing. This really offered me insight into your personality. I feel that I know you better now than I did before. What languages do you speak? Are you fluent? Are there any languages that you want to speak but don’t yet have mastery of? Solid work; I enjoyed reading this piece.

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