The issue I discussed about was the LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination. I am passionate about this issue because I believe that all people should be able to have the right to have and keep a job and to work for money. Having a job is an essential part of life that will help you to survive. I think that it is wrong that some people are being discriminated against and held to a different standard just because they are lesbian, gay, bisecual, transgender, etc. Before starting the project, I didn’t know much specific information about this topic, but I knew that there was a large group of people around the country that are affected by this issue. I also knew that the LGBTQ+ people were being discriminated against by their co-workers or bosses in their workplace and that they could be fired or even be paid less than the heterosexual employees. I wanted to learn more about the topic and I wanted to raise awareness for the issue. THis project was the perfect chance to do this.


After researching for the project, I came across a lot of facts that surprised me. For instance, one of the facts was that in 30 states, you could be fired for being transgender and in 28 states, you can be fired for being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. I just didn’t realize that such a huge amount of our country didn’t have laws protecting LGBTQ people. I was surprised at how many states have the huge disadvantage for the LGBT to get jobs. I also learned that a large amount of the people from the LGBTQ+ community that did not feel comfortable with sharing their sexuality because they would automatically be judged and held to a different standard. I learned a lot of information about this topic.




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