Workplace bullying: the case of teen workers by Olivia

March 15, 2022


Workplace bullying: the case of teen workers

When it comes to accepting a teen job position, that adolescent is taking a known risk of joining a toxic work environment. Teen bullying is definitely a real thing in schools, which is a known issue. But when it comes to work bullying, it is a little less commonly known. About one in ten employees is bullied at work, this statistic being in terms of adults. But when it comes to teens, it is even more common as they are more vulnerable to conflict. One in five teens are bullied at work. And it doesn’t end with bullying. The word “bully” could refer to many different things, ranging from harsh words to sexual abuse, which can both greatly affect a person’s mental health. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intragroup bullying are all factors when it comes to this topic. Each has a different effect, including stressors, poor self-control, and lack of reasonable perspective. Work environments are more than likely to have a toxic aspect to them, which could more than likely affect a teen poorly in the most important time of their lives. The time when they find themselves and the things they enjoy. An experience like this may not even be worth the personal scars that could be attained in taking a teen job.