There has been a surge of skilled women in the workplace. “As more women find their way into high-skill jobs and acquire more education, the gender wage gap narrows,” says researchers. Women are in the lead of getting jobs that require social, fundamental and analytical skills. In the 1980’s, the women were making up around 40% in these high-skill jobs, and now they represent around 52% in these jobs.This is why the gender wage gap is narrowing. The women’s wage is increasing faster than the men’s. The women’s average hourly earning increased from $15 in 1980 to $22 in 2018, whereas the men’s average hourly earning increased by $3 from 1980 to 2018.          

The increase in wage for women and the narrowing of the wage gap between men and women is partly because there has been a rise in college completion from among women that work in high-skill jobs. Because more women are getting more prestigious jobs, there are now 109,000 more women working than men. Experts are saying this trend will continue to gain momentum as women in the workforce increase and men in the workforce decrease. “This growth in employment parallels the economic shift away from so-called male-dominated jobs,” says Jack Kelley from Forbes. Jobs that employ more women are on the rise while jobs that tend to employ more men is declining. This has caused women to start occupying what people consider as jobs for males.

Women are currently holding an edge over men in certain job skills and schooling because more women have been graduating from college than men. Many researchers have found that more women are being hired into higher job positions. The increase of women in the workplace has been long awaited and we are starting to see a tremendous change, but there is still further that we can go with this. There are still many areas that seek improvement in gender equality and we are taking positive steps towards that as research is showing.

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