In the future how many years will the people work in the future? Why would they be so busy? How many hours will they work in the future? 

I already know some people are in the AT&T unit will have the participant can have 50 minute to eliminating by almost 5 weeks per year , many people want to be easy and eliminating upset , while they need to go to work, make the things so busy, they could use the computer to do the work better, but the technology are good to work for people , some  people were thinking that if their future they would look like the article says they would be good, and they think a lot of things like Meeting a boss or Meeting to many people in a meeting room and get nervous, In the future many different people will be busy more than the past times, the author want to show many people because he/ she want to let people know that if they busy or stress about things to write down people could use the computer to do the work, so the work will be easy to do with the work, Compare to past time to the  future I think  I would like to show about that I don’t already know  people are using the technology with doing the work , In other words ,people don’t have anythings like technology, disk, and robot in the past time to help you to handle everything, you would have the eliminating upset , But in the future the technology will help you to handle everything and makes you so easy.

The article online that I used to research the topic was  “The Alternative Workplace : Changing Where and How people Work” (Harvard Business Review website).  According to “HBR”  article AT&T’s James his notes say that   “When I have 30 minutes between meetings, I can load in my disk and be productive on the spot.”  this is good sentences, because when you meeting room in the future you would need a computer to help you to do, then you could load your disk and be productive many people  would have a thing to help you finish the work, however in the future you would also need Spark Inquiry With Question or brainstorming question to help you to do the work in the future, and you may use the things like computer to help you to do work, then you would be easy to work all the stuff that you stuck or confused , In another sentences say the travel time will causes in a good way to do “Employees in home offices and other remote locations also can be more efficient during the workday because they have fewer distractions and less down-time.” In this sentence that says it’s the good another way to do in the future. Both sentences says that it’s the one way to make you easy to work and helps you in the future, if you need help you could use both ways to do, so you don’t need to be nervous in the meeting room or makes you so stress or confused in the meeting room.  

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