Women’s rights by Linette

May 14, 2022


Women’s rights

In the article, “A Century-Long Battle Over The Equal Rights Amendment” (BTW, 2021) I learned that the 1964 Civil Rights Act but as stated in the article not all their rights were guaranteed. We also discover that in 1923 the Equal Rights Amendment otherwise known as (ERA). Additionally we discover that it was made to ensure equal rights for both men and women which was passed in 1972. However, the Anti-ERA organizers were very against it which caused ERA to not be approved of as it did not meet the requirements by the deadline that was given by Congress. 

How do you feel about women fighting for their rights?

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I am delighted to see that people were able to stand with one another in order to protest which did gain them more time. However, unfortunately it failed to meet the requirements that were needed in order for it to be ratified. I was frustrated that they only needed 3 more states to approve of the amendment. I was also surprised to see what the Anti-ERA organizers were worried about when they expressed their concerns over it.