a woman holding a sign that says abortion is healthcare
In this text, “Sarah”(Sarah 2021) the central idea is that the author had an abortion while being in a toxic relationship with her partner and didn’t regret it.  In support of their central idea, the author writes  “The relationship slipped from toxic, to mentally abusive to physically and sexually abusive. I’m a tough girl who never thought I would allow myself to be treated like that. But abusers are master manipulators who make you question everything you know. ”(Sarah 2021).  This supports the central idea because she is explaining how her relationship turned toxic.  The author also writes “ Not only did I get my abortion because I wanted to protect myself, but I came from a broken home which left me with a great deal of trauma. I NEVER want my children to go through what I went through. If I had a child with my abuser, my child’s life would have been broken from the start. That’s not fair to them or me.”(Sarah 2021).  This supports their central idea because she is explaining why she got an abortion because of the circumstances she grew up in and the circumstances her child would’ve had to grow up in.  A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes “You’re not selfish for choosing abortion, you are strong for looking out for your future.”(Sarah 2021).  This supports the central idea because she is bringing awareness to those who want to get an abortion and telling women that it’s okay to get one.

I think Sarah’s story is very important because it shows how she was going through a tough time while in the relationship and got an abortion to protect the life her child could’ve had. Speaking up about this experience must’ve been hard for her because speaking up about something that many women go through but don’t speak out about is hard. I also believe that Sarah is very inspiring for speaking up about her experience and encouraging other women to look for help and letting them know that there are people there for them.

As I continue to research this topic I want to learn about women who didn’t want to get an abortion but still got one and how did they feel.
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