Women by Karroline

April 15, 2019



What must I protest to show you who are the emperor  from earth

i’m talking about the goddess on earth

the women who birth children

The women who deals with judgement coming from every direction

The women who have been taking controlled over by men, sons, life.

The women who have no choice but to drop out of school to take care of their family. The ones who are raped and gets no justice. The ones who are judged by their choice of identity. They have no choice but to hear every judgment they can try to fight it but sometimes it doesn’t work sometimes

it gets worse, so what do they do? they hide themselves because they get scared and they shouldn’t.

Some are afraid to be out. Some don’t care because they feel like they lost everything. Some stay at home and they change. They feel hopeless, damaged, lost. They feel like they have no power or control or maybe even losing hope in what they identify as. Some may take this pain and change it into something strong or powerful. But we all aren’t built with strength. You can feel so lonely in such a big world.  We all see everything different. We can see hatred or maybe some of us can’t. We can see the judgement…or not.

We are the definition of hate