I think that robots will one day take over the world and we need to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. According to the movie i,Robot were robots were supposed to follow the 3 laws of robotics a robot cannot harm a human or cannot allow a human to come to harm, a robot must follow a humans orders unless it interferes with the first law, and a robot must protect its own existence unless it interferes with the first or second law. In the movie i,Robot Viki the artificial intelligence supercomputer was enslaving mankind in order to save them but she was killing humans and in her mind she was following 3 laws of robotics because she was seeing them from a different point of view which was the lives of few for the lives of many. In the the movie Viki also was able to control a mass produced robot army because she was a superior AI and if this happened in real life robots will cause an exponential amount of damage to cities and to humans themselves.
Another example of robots changing and altering mankind is shown in the article “Robot Dreams” written by Isaac Asimov where he talks about a robot named Elvex and a doctor named Dr.Calvin and doctor Calvin put a new brain pattern in Elvex head and later he has a dream and was shot because of what he dreamed.
The article said that there was just a single man and every one else was a robot then the man said free my people and he was referring to robots then they asked Elvex if he the man in the dream and he said yes it was me and Elvex was shot after. I think that Elvex was shot because humans were scared of what robots could have evolved to and if he thought of himself as equal or superior they can fear for their life.
An example of a current advanced AI is sophia the robot can make many facial expressions and looks very human and even became a saudi arabian citizen. Sophia was the start of a advanced AIs who have been all over the news because they can think for themselves and some have said she has given crypted messages.
I believe that even if there’s laws put in place so that robots don’t take over they will eventually outsmart us and will not find a need for us anymore.Going back to the i,Robot movie there was a scene where robots were building robots and the detective who was sceptical about it though it was a bad idea because of that ended up happening with Viki. I believe that the 3 laws of robotics should be slightly altered so they cannot be manipulated as easily as Viki made it seem in the i,Robot movie. Another thing that can be done is to completely stop auto mation from progressing any further so that AIs don’t get to the point where they don’t need us.



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