My name is Clarissa Blanco, and I attend Unity High School in Oakland. In my english class we have been discussing future robotics and artificial  intelligence. A question we’ve been discussing is, whether these technologies will make the world better or worse.


I believe that in the future robots won’t take over because humans  have control over how far robots will get. Also, I believe that robots will be made to benefit us instead of harming us. Although the media displays robots as rebellious, there are many positives. In the movie “I,Robot” it shows that robots were created in order to help humans. For example, in one of the scenes it shows a robot going to fetch their owners purse from their home because they forget their inhaler. This just goes to show that robots benefits humans especially when it comes down their health. This scene also proves how advanced technology really is. In the article “ The Real Cyborgs” by Arthur House, tells a story about a man named Ian Burkhart. This 23 year old has been paralysed from the neck down because of a car accident. In June of this year at Ohio State University technology made it possible for Ian’s hand to hand to open up slowly. “The technology that made this possible, Neurobridge, had successfully reconnected Burkhart’s brain with his body”(House). This quote shows that this is one of the many examples of the positive outcome that technology has on humans health. Since Ian was capable of gaining his mobility back, this proves that technology is bettering the lives of many humans. Technology has also improved education in many ways. For example, when students are assigned a research project, technology has made it easier for students to find information faster and easier. Additionally, as the years have passed artificial intelligence has helped better students education and the quality of the education.


Technology has been around for many years, but we never really think about how often we truly use it. I as a student constantly use technology in order to get my school work done. For example, in order to complete this assignment I had to use my computer and the wifi. In other words, technology is constantly making our lives easier. And although many see that as a negative thing, it is not because at the end of the day us humans get to decide what we will let robots do for us. In conclusion, robots will not take over in the future, not unless we let them.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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June 3, 2018 10:12 pm

Hello all:

My name is Yuri Almendarez and I’m a sophomore at Oakland Unity High School. In my English class we’ve been reading about robotics and artificial intelligence. I think that these technologies will make the world better which we would have more devices and better internet because it is improving and getting more powerful. One source that i have is a reading we did in class which is called “Is it OK to Torture or Murder a Robot by Richer fisher. I will be talking about the reasons why it is not okay to do anything to a robot. One reason why I feel like it’s not okay for people to torture robots is that they might have a mental breakdown and start to feel emotions which will make them fight against the person. And my last reason why I a person shouldn’t kill a robot because it is a crime and they can get in trouble for it. Now my second source is going to be about I Robot. The things that i saw in the movie is that how the maker of the robots was killed by the robots because of the program ordered them to do that. The last thing I saw interesting in the movie was that how will smith was getting targeted by these robots and nobody believe them till the end. This is why I feel like technology is a big thing in this world know which can be good or bad.

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