Surprisingly Kangaroos are charted to be extinct. In Australia they are harvested for things such as their fur and their meat. There are 4 major species that are targeted at the moment for their resources, and they are projected to go extinct in the few years, unless there is a drastic change, there will not be any kangaroos left. “ four species are sustainably harvested, largely for their meat or fur: the eastern grey, western grey, common wallaroo, and Australia’s most famous icon (and largest marsupial), the red kangaroo.”  I was unaware that Kangaroos are often used for material similar to how cows are used to material. In my mind kangaroos are exotic mammals, and this is solely because we don’t have them in the U.S. It never occurred to me that Kangaroos are common in Australia, even though that makes sense. With the new found understanding that Kangaroos are used for material, it makes me wonder if cows are not as commonly used in Australia. It seems they are getting enough product from the Kangaroos that they don’t need cows for things like Fur.  It’s sad to think about the extinction of an animal but it has also made me wonder if one day cows will also go extinct.

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November 27, 2023 8:14 pm

Dear Lian,
Your post made me think about how I might never meet a kangaroo. It also made me think about the age they harvest these animals and when the best time to do so. Something I wonder is if they have kangaroo farms.


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