Will I ever open up ?

Do you have an issue opening up or are you someone who lets everyone know your life? Opening up and being myself is the hardest obstacle in my life right now. Why? Because my entire life I’ve been done wrong, people treat me terribly, my parents, my friends, and people I look up to. Since I was 9 years old I’ve kept things to myself, things that happened at school, at home, as well as things that were said to me. Seems like no one cared or weren’t interested. I have a huge trust issue at times: when I have opened up, people showed me why I shouldn’t have. Trust is a big thing and I trust nobody. Too often, people lie so much when telling the truth is so easy. Some people are just so evil that when you tell them things you don’t tell no one else and the second you fall out your business is everywhere. Now everyone has their opinion about you. I’ve had that happen so many times, I have such a big issue opening up because know one cares. The things that run through my mind or that have happened to me nobody would understand or care enough. Opening up is something I can not do. I would have to truly trust you and that takes a while. I hope I can find someone I can trust because keeping everything to myself is so hard.


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October 26, 2018 8:43 pm

In our society, we sometimes find it hard to put ourselves in a position to open up to others. In my life, I can definitely relate to what you have to say. I tend to not be emotionally vulnerable with other people without feeling uncomfortable or needy in some way. It’s nice to know that others are experiencing the same problems that I experience. I wish I had all the answers as to why these challenges occur, and the factors that push them towards us.

But from reading your response, I’m not sure if you would want to take to someone in person, so I will refer you to a website where you can talk to a licensed professional online. Therefore, it’s not too much pressure for you to open up to them in a vulnerable environment.


Everyone deserves help. No matter the situation. 🙂

October 10, 2018 3:01 pm

I can relate to what you said because I also find it hard to open up to others. But I think that once you do others will be accepting and helpful.

October 3, 2018 4:03 am

Deja, your perspective and experience on this subject is very intriguing. I am also someone with trust issues and know how you feel when you say, “when I have opened up, people showed me why I shouldn’t have.” Communication is difficult but also very rewarding at times. Here is a link to a source that has some tips for opening up and touches more on the subject. I found it quite helpful!

Have you ever thought about the effects of being a good listener on being able to open up? It may help to start by listening to others problems before opening up about your own. Journaling is another interesting technique that could help you express how you feel without the stress of other’s judgement. Just a couple thoughts!

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