Hello my name Annae and in my opinion I think  that in the future we will have robots taking over such as our jobs. Just the way robots can benefit us and help us, they can also betray us and be more intelligent than us.  I think that the future will have robots all around us. For example, just the way in the movie “I Robot” there were robots all over doing most of the jobs for us like cooking, keeping company for household, cleaning, and other jobs. I think that they can also be in between because we might use them as servants and it would be a big help to us but they can also take over. We might not get to that point immediately but we are slowly. As technology advances and becomes more easier for us to use and entertain us we will be using it more. It will be everywhere around us even more. Today technology is already a huge impact on our everyday life. Technology is all around us and as it keeps advancing we start using it more weather it is; phones, computers, Tv, cars, and other objects.  As it builds up the more usage there will be. Nowadays you can not go a day without using it and from time to time even upgrade in something new and better. Although as technology advances we might also use it wrong and take advantage of the way we use it. For instance if or when we do have robotics all around us we can misuse they way we use them. We may also mistreat them giving them more reasons to turn on us. Robots are way more intelligent and can get more smarter the more information we put in them, and the more they are able to know how to control us. They are not program to have or feel emotions the way we do. Furthermore, in the article “Our Final Invention:Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era “ written by James Barrat it says “Machines are amoral, and it is dangerous to assume otherwise.” This means that machines are not meant to have emotions or friendly so we can not fully trust them to have emotions the way we do. I think that robots can be helpful in a way but with their intelligence and if we are using them the wrong can lead to bad things. 

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