In the article, “Wildlife Rehabilitator” I learned that these people are like veterinarians but you take your pets to them when they are sick and a wildlife rehabilitator is someone who helps animals in the wild. These people are there because they love animals and they want them to be as healthy as the pet can possibly be. A wildlife rehabilitator is a physical therapist for all kinds of animals they are in the wild. I also learned that they examine animals who’ve been with extreme trauma and provide the care for their needs. Not only do they care for them but if they see an orphaned animal they will take it in so the animal could be cleaned,fed, and cared for so it could be healthy to go back to the wild. To become one of these people you need to have a lot of knowledge about all kinds of animals, including everything from what they eat, to how they behave, where they live. Being a wildlife rehabilitator you’ll see things that may be stressful and traumatic. But helping animals is a very good thing and makes you feel good if you’re doing everything for them to stay alive (healthy). 

How should people help those wild rehabilitation groups (donations, awareness social media)?x

I think this is a very big topic and we as people should get to learn more. The wildlife rehabilitator must feel very good after they save or recover an animal ready to go back to the wild. I think it’s very helpful to save animals that we don’t see everyday like the ones that come in with the vets. They do all kinds of examinations to figure out what’s wrong with the animal and give them special treatments so that they could be back on their feet. You need to know a lot of things about animals (all types of species). In this job you will save animals and you will also see deaths, suffering and a lot more. Lastly,  helping injured animals can be stressful and can also cause trauma. 

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