Most of the youth voices topics are about the Coronavirus. and I’m sure this topic has been talked about already, but it’s something I feel very passionate about. The coronavirus is pretty much taking over everyone’s lives whether you’re allowed to work or not everyone’s at home doing remote learning and there’s a question of whether we will have a normal end of our senior year. Utah was set up for success because we started our social distancing really early. However America as a whole is failing at this social distancing so it’s not making as big of an impact as it should be. 

Researchers say that if 90% of people actually stay home, the quarantine will be over in 4 weeks estimated. If 80% of people stay home the quarantine will be over in 10 weeks. If 60% of people stay home the quarantine isn’t expected to end until 2021. Right now only 50% of people are staying home. So think about that The coronavirus is especially dangerous because a lot of people are asymptomatic. Asymptomatic means that you don’t actually have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 however you are a carrier of the virus and you are constantly spreading the germs of the Coronavirus. You could be asymptomatic but if you go out and hang out with your friends or see your grandma they could get it and if they have a compromised immune system or where a smoker or are over the age of 60 they could possibly die from the virus. 

“Mayor Jenny Wilson called on Utah leaders Thursday to enact a statewide stay-at-home order she says could help ease the impact of the virus on health care systems in larger metropolitan areas,” says SLC Tribune. The first time you are caught it is a warning and second time, you can get a fine of $1000, and get jail time. So let me just ask you, is it worth it?

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