Dear  Future President:

            How much money would the government save if they asked for more papers in order to receive the help? Would the people who actually need the help get it?I am writing to you today because there are some issues I would like to talk to you about, welfare, and social security. The government gives help to the people who ask for help and they give them help. It is okay if they receive help as long as they actually need the help in order to survive.There are some people who need help and they do not receive the help they need and they are the ones who actually need it in order to survive. In order to fix this,we need to thoroughly check whether or not they need the help or not. What we can do is ask them to provide their taxes or income of how much they earn in a year and checking how many people are in the household. This will help regulate the program more and maybe save more money in the long run. Megan Elliott states, “A 2015 study by the University of California at Berkeley found that states and the federal government spent $152.8 billion a year on food stamps, health insurance, and cash assistance programs, more than half of it going to working families who were having trouble making ends meet”(Megan-Elliot). This shows that they gave over 50% of the money to families who were already working. The other 50%  to the rest of the people.People would usually just go in the office and say that they needed help and they would tell the social worker how they are eligible to get help from the government, which would just be telling the social worker how they have tried looking for a job and they could not find anything.  If we tell them to provide supporting documents to prove that they need help, then this would help out the people who are asking for help who need it, because people who do not need the help get it anyways and the people who do need it sometimes do not get the help they need. For example, someone I know is disabled, and he provided documents and letters from the doctors and documents that showed he was receiving money from the government and that he was disabled and could not work. He went to do an interview with a social worker and they said that he will be receiving a letter stating whether he was going to  get food stamps or not. Weeks passed and he finally got a letter stating that he was not eligible to get the help.Statistic Brain  states, “ The annual cost of food stamp program is $69,800,000,000. In 2014 46,670,373 received food stamps and the average monthly benefit was $133.85”(Statistic Brain). This is a lot of money that we are giving families who need help in order to survive. We need to make sure that people who can not work revive the help because we give help to people who already have a job instead of helping the people who can not work at all. We need to reassess our priorities and help the people who are in need of help first and who do not have a job. The rest of the people can then come into the offices and ask for some kind of help.  The government would most likely save money and the extra money could go to other programs in the country or other people. The government would then see how many people would receive help from the government when they did not need the help. They would see the statistics of how many people got help from the government when they clearly did not need help.I hope that you will consider this letter to  reconsider how we receive help from the government.


Daisy Cedillo 

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