I believe that the robots will NOT enslave humanity unless programmed to. The idea that robots will take over the world and enslave humanity spawns from fear. As humans we fear what we don’t know. Not to mention the movies, although  being great movies, induce fear and introduce new ideas that force people to ponder the idea that humans can’t do anything to prolong the inevitable and much less stop it.

If we look at the movie I-robot, will smith plays a character that hates these automated machines. He fears them and questions them, which is reasonable. Humans have survived this long because they fear what they don’t understand. But I believe that machines can’t take over the whole world if they aren’t programmed to. You see machines follow a code strictly. They can’t alter the code or evolve into some greater being that can spawn life itself. The machines can only imitate life but no more. Of course there will be the occasional bug and glitches in the system but that’s normal since computers do it all the time. If anything, I believe that the machines will be more of a servient to us humans. They will aid us in life and provide us with what we need when we need it the most. “Life Aid” as I like to call it. Machines will be our mechanics, architects, chefs, professors, babysitters and probably our friends (as anti social and depressing as that last part may seem).

In the article “in Defense Of Killer Robots” by rosa brooks she mentions that robots can’t defy their programing “ Robots can’t break. If were not upbraiding them for taking our jobs then were lambasting their alleged tendency to seize control of spaceships” this quote tells us that robot can’t break their coding and the thought of them taking over the world is just a silly thought which, as i said, spawns from fear of the unknown.  Instead of fearing the machines for evolving into something we can’t control, we should worry about those who would abuse the machines for their own benefit or sadistic pleasure. It’s humans who are unpredictable, not the machines. The machines are the pistols in our hands, our fingers are the ones tight on the trigger. Like the movie robocop where the robot analyzes people and judges who should die and who shouldn’t.

Should we really be using these machines considering how powerful they are? Machines are relentless and unlike living things they don’t feel anything towards anyone or anything. Fearing the machine is only natural from us humans and while yes there could be good reason to not fear them, I think that humans should fear them, To avoid any problems with the machines. This is why I believe we shouldn’t be so scared of machines.

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