A Letter From The Future

Dear Future President, This is a letter from the future, and by the future I don’t mean the analytical tense where the present is still in tact. This is a letter from the next generation of young adults who are watching our lives flash before our eyes. This is a letter that represents the following generations to come. As a young adult we often hear that time flies, unfortunately for many young adults such as myself, we are not able to fully grasp that concept until the time has already flown by. I feel it is beneficial to learn the most important things necessary to be successful in the adult world in school before leaving high school. Many students are unprepared for what lies ahead of them after high school and before they know it they’re already a clueless adult in the real world. As a child learning is the most powerful advantage that allows us to transition from a child, to a teen, and later on into becoming a young adult.

As an infant learning to walk and talk is the primary goals to transition into becoming a toddler. It is often rare to find a child accomplish these goals without trials and triumph. Although it may seem like taking the first step is the greatest factor in transitioning, it is the environment in which the step is taken that matters. In a world where encouragement is hard to come by, it is detrimental to learn things willingly on your own. Since it is mandatory to attend school for 13 years, school should be the best encouraging environment to learn in as possible. As technology advances there is always room for improvement in the school system. The better the education, the better the students knowledge will be.

This is why the educational system holds great power in our country. There should always be room for new schools to be constructed in our country. Our educational system should be our top priority for improvement. Many schools are in high demand for more funding, the quality of school supplies has a major effect on the probable quality of the student. All school’s should have enough funds to provide their students with the necessary supplies to complete their education. Many low income families don’t have enough money to provide their children with proper school supplies. When it comes to textbooks, a lot of them are worn and torn, with the possibility of some pages being missing. Many of the chairs students sit in are also unstable and uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time. A change in better supplies will result in a better work environment.

The meals in the school cafeteria should be more nutritious and fulfilling for an energetic body. Before school begins, many of the school’s breakfast options don’t satisfy the nutritional requirements a student needs for a successful morning. Studies show that kids who eat a healthy breakfast, have a better school attendance and participation rate, than students who don’t eat breakfast. As a teen, eating breakfast for me was a challenge because I never had enough time to make a healthy breakfast. The pressure of being on time for school canceled my option for breakfast, and over time I eventually became uninterested in eating breakfast all together. A solution to changing the breakfast options in the school cafeteria would be to provide healthier on the go snacks and drinks to students at school.

In the classroom setting, the teachers should also be set to a higher standard of recognition.Many students are already deprived of a healthy meal and the energy  to even stay awake. In the classroom, a teacher who doesn’t take their job seriously can worsen a student’s experience to learn. A teacher who isn’t energetic and dedicated about their job, will have a lasting negative effect on their students for semesters to come.I have taken multiple classes throughout my high school career with teachers who could care less about their job and more importantly their students. I feel their should be personality tests done on teachers to help understand their interest in the classroom better. The more the teachers care about their students, the more students will be able to receive the education they need.One of my favorite topics in high school was world history.  World history should be emphasized, and multicultural studies should not be overlooked. The more we learn about other cultures the more understanding citizens will have towards diversity. As a student of color in school, I’ve noticed that most of the history being taught in high school predominately focused on white history. When diversity was taught, it focused mainly on the negative affects of that culture and skimmed over most of the empowering informational topics about multicultural. A solution to this problem, would be to add more information and studies about more cultures to textbooks, so cultures from all backgrounds can learn about their history. America is a melting pot so the education should be more accepting to multicultural history. Last but not least, Careers and jobs should be explained thoroughly throughout high school. We are put in an education system to prepare us for jobs and undergraduate school, yet many of us are not taught fields we might be interested in majoring in. I didn’t have an understanding of how jobs and careers worked until my senior year in economics class. Information on careers should be taught in all four years of high school so students can have an idea of what they want to do after high school. If classes on different majors are added to school curriculum, students can prepare four years in advance and gain a better understanding in the real world after high school.

These are just a few important goals that should not be overlooked in the school environment. Although there are many more problems that need to be addressed these are the main ones that I’ve experienced personally. Students from elementary school and high school are the future generations and adults of America. With the American education system declining every year, reformations need to be made to secure a better economy for America’s future. So, please future president, take into consideration the knowledge that should be preserved in our education system. Thank you.


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Nyah Myers

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Union Academy
February 12, 2019 4:38 am

You make some great points and I can vouch for some of the issues you brought up. Schools do need better funding because many public schools are unable to fulfill the needs of many students from below average to advanced students. Many schools are unable to help students that are falling behind whether it be due to funding or bad teachers. Students need teachers to be there for them for encouragement while learning which would boost students moral. Teachers also have to be aware that they are creating the future of America and if the slack off they are only running the future of this country into the ground. Teachers are crucial when it comes to the way society works and human generations replace each other, the next hopefully being better than the last. The role funding plays is also large because without funding schools are forced to constantly be raising money just to keep their doors open and provide their students with the bare minimum. With larger funding schools are able to open programs that develop talents that their students have and programs that allow students to learn more about their potential career choice. Schools have a major impact on the youth of America and with changes to, primarily, funding schools will be able to prepare their students for modern-day challenges that they may face.

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