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When people think of America, they usually think about  “the flag” ,“Bald eagle” or  “ American Dream” or “The Land Of Opportunity” After all, people from all over the world come to America seeking a new and better life. According to my trusty friend source one source “My life as undocumented immigrant” by Jose Antonio vargas, “ America” means “So much that i learned about america was from the kind of  perspective of people who had always were challenging America” The article “My life as undocumeted immigrant” address that people who are undocuemted risk their lifes to come to the United States for “the American dream” and they try everything to fit in and they have  to be careful to not get caught,so most live with the fear of getting deported. The autor uses real life examples from his experiences of how hard is was to do many things due to that he was undocumented;Like for example getting a drivers license,travel,College application and many more.In my opinion this source portrayed America as a scary place which i find to be true because as Jose said he couldnt tell anyone that he was undocumented so he was limited to a lot of things.

“My life as an undocumented immigrant” defines America as a challenging and scary, while “The great Gatsby” The American Dream is definitely forgotten and twisted. Hard work, good ethics and equality for all, which are the basic factors constituting the American Dream, are degenerated and this is what leads the protagonist to his tragedy”I wouldn’t consider these two sources similar but why prove points that are brought up in both “According to “my life as an undocumeted immigrant and great gatsby is that they both came to get the american dream experience.Gatsby is a powerful example that illustrates  the american dream because he came from ‘nothing’ into wealth, power, and privileges and also the American Dream is supposed to stand for independence and the ability to make something of one’s self with hard work, but it ends up being more about materialism and selfish pursuit of pleasure. Basically F. Scott Fitzgerald is saying that a person will always reach towards something greater than themselves that is just out of reach.The setting for The Great Gatsby is during the postwar economic boom of the 1920’s and during the era of prohibition when many found an open space for shady dealings and getting rich quickly in ways that were both rejected by the law and society at the time. This setting provided the foundation as to why The Great Gatsby by F.S Fitzgerald is considered to be a pessimistic view of The  American Dream.

“My life as a undocumented immigrant and the great gatbsy defines america as a scary hardworking place,while in “i am not your perfect mexican daughter”argues that it a wonderful place for opportunities.I am not your perfect mexican daughter is similar to  both other sources due to that they come for the same thing succes.I am not your perfect mexican daughter is a powerful example that illustrates that need to be successful, Julia Reyes the main character in the book is a 15-year-old girl daughter of Mexican immigrants who is finding herself  amid the pressures, expectations, and stereotypes of growing up in a Mexican-American home. Her parents crossed with a coyote just like Jose Antonio Vergas did.But she wants to take advantage of the reason why her parents sacrificed their life for there kids.She want to be a writer and go to college in New york,but her parents want her to be a traditional mexican housewife who do not go away to college. And they do not move out of their parents’ house after high school graduation. Perfect Mexican daughters never abandon their family. But Julia is not your perfect Mexican daughter. But she never listened and she worked hard so that she would be successful in life.Basically Erika Sanchez is saying follow what your heart desires,don’t  try to please others. “Saint Olga, the perfect Mexican daughter. Sometimes I wanted to scream at her until something switched on in her brain. But the only time I ever asked her why she didn’t move out or go to a real college, she told me to leave her alone in a voice so weak and brittle, I never wanted to ask her again. Now I’ll never know what Olga would have become. Maybe she would have surprised us all ”, this quote explains that julia’s sister could have been successful if she wouldn’t have died and this is exactly what julia wants to be,like i said before he wants to become someone important.

In my opinion America means a land of opportunities.I feel like i relate most with my source 3 which is i am not your perfect mexican daughter because that’s how my culture is. I find the arguments outlined above to be true, that’s how I have always heard that living in America is.American Literature can be defined as literature that makes it what it is.For example in the THUG white people treat differently other races especially black people and with all this racism causes a big problem worldwide.Living in america now is crazy there’s always something going on that’s problematic.


Jose Antonio experience

The great gatsby

i am not your perfect mexican daughter



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  1. Yadira 1 week ago

    Dear Zuleika,
    I am intrigued by your post, “Why the ‘American Dream?” because it’s something I am familiar with being told and talked about. I have the perspective of the “American Dream” from an immigrant Hispanic household.
    One sentence that stands out to me is, “She wants to be a writer and go to college in New York, but her parents want her to be a traditional Mexican housewife who does not go away to college.” I think this is enlightening because in my household I was told the opposite. I was told to go to college, move out and get myself a government job whereas Julia was told to stay at home and not go to college.
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

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