For the presidential election coming up, one group urged to vote are of the younger generations.  The voter turnout total for this generation is about 16%.  Many don’t vote, due to the idea that their vote has no impact or makes no difference in the elections.  They also believe that the elections are full of corruption, and have a lack of representation for them.  Many too also don’t get involved in political issues, as they feel no need.  These are all factors that cause voter-turnout to be so low for this generation.  

However, it feels like times are changing.  The article, “Could Young Voters Decide the Presidency?” it states the movements that have been mobilized today by the younger generations show great potential for a higher voting turnout.  These generations seem to be looking for more involvement in politics.  This could completely change the results of the elections if they were to all collectively vote.  They could be the force to elect the president who they feel would represent them the best as American citizens.  

Why should younger generations know the importance of voting?



  1. Rosa 5 months ago

    Dear Zhelanea,
    I agree that young adults should vote they also need to be heard take their opinions in. Yes, i also agree there are some people don’t want to vote for personal reasons; and they should be forced to do it. Thanks for your post it’s very interesting to know more from voting.

  2. Kaylee 6 months ago

    Dear Zhelanea,
    I am interested in your post because it draws attention to the issue of low voter turnouts from younger generations. I agree that, in this year’s presidential election, younger people will have more of an impact than usual. One thing you said that stands out to me is: “These generations seem to be looking for more involvement in politics.” It is intriguing that young people are feeling motivated to participate in politics because of the political movements that have been taking place in America. Thanks for your post, and I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have shared very useful information in this post.

  3. Madram 6 months ago

    Dear Zhelanea,
    I agree that some people that are over the age of 18 don’t want to vote because they think they wont make an impact to the country. Also i think they should let young kids vote so they can choose the right president for the country. if young people learn how important voting is they will know for whom to vote and they will understand that importance of the election. They will be the one that will help select the better president from what they see in their view and help this country be a better place.

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