For the coming presidential election, the younger generations are one group urged to vote. For this generation, the overall turnout of voters is around 16% . Because of the belief that their vote has little effect or makes no difference in the elections, many don’t vote. They are also of the view that the polls are full of corruption and that they lack representation. Many, because they feel no need, often do not get interested in political issues. These are all factors that contribute to voter turnout being so significant.

It feels like things are shifting, though. The post, “Could the Presidency Decide on Young Voters?” It notes that the movements mobilized by younger generations today display tremendous potential for a higher turnout of voters. It seems like these generations are searching for more interest in politics. If they were to all vote together, this could totally change the outcome of the elections. They may be the force to elect the president who they think will better serve them like American citizens.

Should the future generations vote earlier?



  1. Zhi 2 months ago

    Hi Bryan, I personally don’t think lowering the voting age would be great for the United States. Young people haven’t experienced the world as much as older citizens. Back In the 19th century, life is tougher, young people saw harsher environments than today. Today young people are more towards socialist ideology since they don’t want to see people suffer. When we were young, we don’t think of things with money, most of the time, we can just have it by asking our parents. But the reality is that nothing is free, there is always someone that has to produce that stuff in order to give it to you, the consumer, which you vote with your money to the producers that make higher quality stuff while lower prices.

  2. Jyothika Kalatturu 2 months ago

    I agree that that the younger generations are getting into politics more. For the people that aren’t, they need to ask themselves what world they want to leave their kids or grandkids. Having the ability to vote and not voting because it has little effect is absurd. I believe people should do what feels right to them. The polls aren’t really accurate and it shouldn’t change your decision on whether to vote or not. Younger people have influence that can change the election.

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