In the article Citizenship for “ Undocumented Immigrants Would Boost U.S. Economic Growth (JUN 14, 2021) ” speaks about much of a good impact immigrants have done to society and contour to do so. For example author’s Giovanni Peri and Reem Zaiour stated “ great risk to themselves and their families, these individuals keep food supply chains running; care for patients in hospitals and support medical systems; maintain the country’s roads and buildings; provide critical care and services for children and the elderly; and educate future generations of Americans.” Demonstrating that they are doing good to society and will do so in more and more years in the future. SO, they have proven that their intentions aren’t good and bad and if they continue to do to a county that isn’t their than why are they being denied front their citizenship? 

I think that immigrants who had potential  have done good to the society and continue to show and do show they should be capable of receiving their citizenship instead of being deported. 

As I continue to read and research my topic I want to know what good the government has given back to those immigrants that are still in the U.S without citizenship and are doing good to society and how many undocumented children have been found after revive there citizenship. 

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December 13, 2023 9:42 pm

dear andrea

Your publication made me think about the things that immigrants go through every day and who are in the United States and pay taxes. They have different ways of thinking about how to improve

And something I wonder about is why the government doesn’t love immigrants and also because it doesn’t support them in any way and I think that should change.

Sincerely, Miguel

December 12, 2023 8:15 pm

Estimada Andrea

Tu publicacion me hizo pensar en las importantes contribuciones que hacen los inmigrantes a la sociedad a pesar de enfrentar desafíos. Es inspirador ver su dedicación a varios roles esenciales.

Algo que me pregunto es cómo el gobierno puede reconocer y apoyar mejor estas contribuciones mientras navega por las complejidades de las politicas de inmigracion.

Atentamente Yennifer.

December 12, 2023 8:10 pm

Dear Andrea, 
Your post made me think about all of the things immigrants contribute to in the U.S. As you had stated they have large roles in society and those jobs can’t easily be filled in with just anyone. Immigrants are part of the reason that America functions the way it does, they do the jobs that not everyone is willing to do. Something I wonder is where America would be without Immigrants. 

Sara Torres 

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