Dear next President of The United States of America, 

First of all new President congratulations on becoming the next President of America.

We have a problem in America and that is Police Brutality. I thought that Black people could do whatever we wanted without getting unfairly killed. I thought that until this year when there were multiple White Policeman killing people of color (not White).

In the Summer I went on a ride with my Dad to my cousin’s house. Until we got pulled over, by a White Cop. Since my dad and I are black I was scared I was trying to stay still, but I just  couldn’t. Turns out my Dad’s lights weren’t working and he just got a ticket. There was a time I wouldn’t get afraid like that, but that just proves we’re not safe anymore. While a White Cop kills an innocent man he is dead, but the cop just gets suspended off the Police Force.

One way I suggest fixing this problem is to talk to your men on the Police Force to not pull out your gun when you see a person of color. Instead only pull out your gun if they have a weapon. I have seen a Cop take down a drunk Black guy with a sharp bottle without pulling out a gun. That is what police should do help us not harm us, not to mention the Cop was white.

Please, New President of America do us all a favor and please try to solve this situation.


Photo by Elvert Barnes




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