Why Not Mexican music? by Davis

December 20, 2018


Why Not Mexican music?

Mexican music doesn’t get the respect from mainstream America as it should. People probably don’t understand it and they don’t get what kind of vibes it gives you. I love mexican because it puts me in a really good mood. The best time to listen to mexican music when your on your way to a house party or when you are just feeling it.  

The best thing about Mexican music is that there is such a variety to match any mood. Any category you can think of, like love, party vibes, sadness, hyped-up, Mexican music spans all types of music and moods. I am not sure why people do not listen to more of this music. It must be that they think the music does not suit them or they do not understand it. It is funny that Mexican people will listen to Mexican music, rap music, and other forms of popular music, however, non-Mexican people usually do not cross over from rap and popular music into Mexican music.

Here is my recommendation for those who have not considered Mexican music: I recommend you to listen to it whenever you are at a party. Just give it a try. Let the beat put you into a good mood, at a party. Or step out of your comfort zone and just give it a try. Look up proper Mexican music on Youtube or Spotify and try to get a feel for it. It is too bad that many people are missing out on this. Another big recommendation is to try to dance to it. Go out to a Mexican event and learn how to dance to the music. You can make a lot of friends and have lots of fun, I guarantee you that.