China’s birth rate has once again hit a record low. According to the latest data, the birth rate has fallen to a record low, as the country moves into an aging society. It seems that fewer millennials are getting married and having children at an early age, with the rise in first-time births among women over 35 after the two-child policy was introduced. There are two main reasons why young people are less likely to have children

First, economic pressure.  The study shows that economics has for the first time been linked to falling fertility.  Although it has been nearly a decade since the 2008 financial crisis, economic insecurity is likely to persist, causing young would-be parents to think twice before having children.  Others argue that the pressure of housing prices has delayed childbearing, and these economic pressures have led millennials to believe that raising children is too expensive, so they are delaying or even giving up childbearing in order not to affect their living standards.

The economic pressures are not confined to young people at home, but in other countries as well. .(

In addition, with the pressure of higher and higher housing prices and the pressure of survival, their basic life can not be guaranteed, let alone the combination of the family to have children. More importantly, now the cost of childcare is also high, different from the former children, as long as the guarantee of eating and drinking everything is ok, now children have early education classes, talent classes and other extracurricular tutoring needed to participate in, the cost has increased greatly.

Secondly, raising a child, for the parents, needs to pay a great deal of financial and material resources, and bear a certain amount of mental pressure. They don’t just swoop in and grow up, but they require 300 percent of the effort and energy of their parents.  Especially for mothers, from the beginning of pregnancy, her life is almost only about children. Before having children, they can go shopping and travel with friends in their free time, but after having children, kids will completely “destroy” all their social life, and it will occupy their personal time.  Therefore, young people nowadays are more willing to keep a pet as emotional sustenance when they feel lonely.  Having a child is not the same as having a pet. After deciding to have them born, young parents must grow up quickly and bear the burden of the future for at least a few decades. Before they are ready for all this, young people are more willing to devote this energy to their own lives.  Of course, I believe that with the reduction of the cost of childcare, there will also be young people who feel the joy of childcare and are willing to become qualified parents.

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Claire B
November 15, 2021 9:27 pm

Hey Jiang, this was really interesting to read about. There has definitely been a change across generations. I never thought too much into why though. But, it makes a lot of sense, having kids is so expensive and the emotional stress that can come with it is a lot. I think there’s also a lot less societal pressure to have kids now a day and people feel more free to really think about if thats what they want. Thanks for posting!

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