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 This video presentation was recorded in PULSE high school.I was being recorded by samson, this video is based on who is most important to me in my life and why. So we worked in groups of 2 interviewing each other while recording.

“He always told me keep riding bikes and stay in school’’

Hearing this quote made me realize that no matter what ,my brother always wanted me to be better then him in life,and more successful. Another quote that stuck out for me from my interview was

“Even now when he calls me on the jail phone now its like you better be on your bullshit or when i see you ima slap you”

This quote helped me see how no matter what my brother is going through or how hard his life is he’s always gonna push me to do and be better in life and be a good person in general.It opens my eyes and shows me that my brother will always care and i’ll always have someone that cares for me no matter how difficult there life is at the moment. Now keep this in mind, as you’r reading if u agree with me.

Another quote that surprised me was something i said when i got asked if we ever had problems my answer was

“When i was young me and my brother used to always fight,and he used to always bother me, bully but now i know why he did that like cause now i know how to fight and defend my self cause he not here to protect me “

It really shows me and makes me remember the connection we had since i haven’t seen him in a while. I feel this topic was a good relief for me to speak my mind and just let out some words from my heart.

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December 7, 2017 9:43 pm

Matthew I really liked reading your post. The emotion you put in really made me attach to your story. I like how you said a quote your brother said, then elaborated on why you liked it. For example how you noticed your brother always wanted you to succeed more than him. In a future post I think you should apply what your brother has taught you to your life in school or interactions with people, and how you take your brother lessons in real life. Overall I liked the passion in your essay and how you were able to speak from your heart, and show even though with mistakes you will always love your brother.

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