The political topic that I have decided to explore is the minimum wage and the controversy involved with it. I decided to choose this topic because I make minimum wage. Before I researched this topic I was all for raising the minimum wage, after researching it I am less eager to have minimum wage raised. A lot of people on the cons side of the argument made very good points, but so did the pros side. I will outline the main points that caught my attention and persuaded me to take a more neutral standing in the debate.

Some arguments that people have made for the pros side of the argument are, it will greatly improve the lifestyle of many minimum wage workers. The additional money will be put back into the economy by the consumers. This will result in a healthier economy for all people. pros and cons NY times The rise of the minimum wage could also result in motivation for companies and workers. The workers will have to compete to get the jobs that pay better than the others, and companies will have to compete with other companies to keep their employees from leaving to go to better-paying jobs. I agreed with these arguments because I would like to see the economy get better. I think that if the minimum wage was raised then the economy would gradually start to get better.

One con that made me think and the one that made me take a more neutral viewpoint of the topic is, that the higher minimum wage could potentially lead to more high school dropouts.pros and cons NY times This really resonated with me because it reminded me of a rumor going around about one of my classmates. The rumor is that they will get pulled out of school to help their mother take care of their siblings. This one con really stopped my opinion and made me think about if that could happen. At first, when I read the article I thought that there was no way that would happen to anyone my age, but I realized that I go to a very good school and I am sure that kids that go to public schools get pulled out a lot more.

These articles helped me see a viewpoint that I have never thought about. I would love to see the minimum wage be raised and help people and the economy as a whole.  I would also hate to see kids dropping and getting pulled out of high school. I think that this debate is very relevant and easy for kids my age to relate to.



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2019 Chanakya Duggineni
November 30, 2018 3:26 am

Elena, I really enjoyed the insight you had about the pros and cons of minimum wage, like you I believe minimum wage should be raised, and I still believe it should be raised after reading this article. For example in Utah the minimum wage is $7.25, if that were to get increased by just as little as 1, 2, 3, or even 4 dollars it’d really help those living on the whole “Living on pay check to pay check system”. I hope this article I found will help you get some insight on the history of the minimum wage in the United States and it’s impacts.

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