Why is important to know Scratch? People usually do not agree with the idea that Scratch he’s students to develop computational thinking, but I all the time propose parents to let their kids express their ideas and what they know through Scratch, where their learning can become more attractive while they use their thinking. I explain that some topics in math, biology, or other sciences course where students feel frustrated to understand the concept, by using the scratch they can build different games where they can learn those concepts. One of the examples is how a water molecule is formed and I how my project in Scratch to have it as an example for them.  Does this mean that SCratch is only used for subjects in school, I can say no. Scratch can be a useful way to connect with others, through projects people can interact with each other by giving ideas or help each other to build a project. By using their thinking and coding, our brain is more active, by rising self-esteem and pride for what you have built in your project. Today is very important to interact with each other, even though you do not live in the same state, through Scratch you can have friends around he works and see other people’s world.

When I first learned about Scratch, I was questioning why I need to know this program.  this program helped me to be more confident using computer skills and also to see it as another mode of how to create and express my thoughts.  Scratch is a way to bring out what we really want to say or express by using sprites and putting our world in them. It is not an easy program, but through steps, it gives os many find rent ways to create games, an interactive program. the challenging part is to try out how blocks work with each other to present a cation, and this took me a while to learn it, still, I am learning.  This makes me think that Scratch is a program that helps my brain to think more and to be more creative. The scratch project About me was the one that grabbed my attention since is a way that students can interact with each other. Some of us can be shy to talk and say things in front others, so with Scratch they can express themselves by choosing sprites, backgrounds, and adding sentences while using different blocks.

Why do we need to incorporate Scratch in our curriculum? Today that I am more related to students and I can see how boring sometimes can be just giving lectures and doing the assignment, Scratch is a very useful program. Students can learn how to be creative and use their ability to use this program  From this, I also believe that teachers need to know how to use scratch in their curriculum, how to incorporate computational thinking based also on the subject that they teach. It is important to give our students space to express themselves, and I see scratch as the best possibility.

Paste the URL to your scratch program below as a text response. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/555456878/ ☞ In a few sentences describe what your Scratch Program says about you. The Scratch program allowed me to use backgrounds and sprites while I was writing about myself. It allowed you to express your words by using different sprites and blocks. ☞ What is one new thing in Scratch you learned while creating this program? I learned how to use more than one background while changing my thoughts. If I want to connect my sentence with the right background I was able to do it, by using the blocks wait and change the background.

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August 21, 2021 2:52 pm

Dear Mirseda: 

I am astonished by your post, “Why is it important to be introduced to Scratch,” because you provided strong reasons for this argument. It’s true that many people may not always understand the benefits of integrating computer science, coding, and computational thinking across the curriculum. But I agree with you – it’s inclusion can be very powerful for our learners especially so that they can tap into their creative selves. 

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “By using their thinking and coding, our brain is more active, by rising self-esteem and pride for what you have built in your project.” I think this is insightful because people all over the world are using coding to solve problems and innovate solutions. Presenting students with projects that are grounded in real world situations is stimulating and supports the development of empathy for others. When we integrate real world project-based learning and offer coding as a tool to use to develop prototypes and solutions, we are allowing students to engage in work that they will be proud to say that they are a part of. This blog post on Code.org. Programming as a Superpower: How Chilean Teens use Coding to Save the World, highlights two developments created by teens to solve local and world problems. The teens are quoted within in the post and it is obvious that they have pride for what they developed using code. 

Another sentence that I resonate with was: “Scratch is a program that helps my brain to think more and to be more creative.” This stood out for me because you shared an important realization about yourself while tinkering with the program. As educators, it is important for us to remember ourselves as learners and to reflect on the process and questions and understandings that emerge from our own experiences. I believe that this helps us considerably when we are designing and providing experiences for the students in our classrooms.

Have you seen this news report, The Creative Side of Coding? I thought you might be interested in this because they introduce viewers to Osmo, which is a coding tool, that directly supports creativity within code. The developers share that they want kids to get comfortable with using coding for creativity. I think no matter what coding tool we introduce our learners to, we will be giving them an opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to make something that no-one else ever thought of. And that is creativity!

Thanks for your writing and sharing your ideas. 


August 19, 2021 8:30 pm

Hi Mirseda:

I agree with you that it’s important to introduce scratch to students. They need space to express themselves. A lot of times they’re dealing with things outside the classroom either in their communities or their homes. Sometimes as mandatory as the other subject courses are, they can get overwhelmed and need a mental brake. A program like scratch can give students a place where they can have fun as they learn in the process. It also gives them an opportunity to participate and feel like they’re apart of something. They can also learn how to be creative and build their skills.

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