With the rise in obesity and health related problems in the United States, we need to find a solution to help not only this generation, but develop better habits for future generations.

Why is the American diet known as being unhealthy and what can we do to change it? (Tag: Diet)

Family and Fentanyl: How the ongoing opioid crisis is affecting the Deep South

Factory work, Friday night lights and fentanyl: all three have become daily life in this Mississippi town.   It’s early in the morning. Now-retired nurse Betty Hayhurst climbs out of bed and begins breakfast for her family. She walks out onto the patio to watch the various woodland creatures crawl out of the rolling hills of north Mississippi. She removes […]

Reflection of My Digital Activism Project

Hi, my name is Rachel. From the span of February to my group and I had to find a topic to advocate for our digital activism project. We choose to advocate for affordable insulin as our topic for the digital activism project. Our goal of spreading awareness about the rising insulin prices and the effects it has on diabetic patients. […]

Fight For Victims: The Results

Our project was about the dangers of sexual harassment and our overall goal was to inform people about sexual harassment and why it is a problem. In order for this to happen, we posted on our blog on wordpress, made a petition, and made various posts in social media. Our project was not extremely successful. One of the reasons we […]

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