With the rise in obesity and health related problems in the United States, we need to find a solution to help not only this generation, but develop better habits for future generations.

Why is the American diet known as being unhealthy and what can we do to change it? (Tag: Diet)

Opioid Crisis

Dear leaders of America ,      I am a 16 year old girl living in Austin, Texas. My family is very important to me. I have two brothers and two sisters . We spend a lot of time together . I attend an alternative high school where we do our classes online. Next year i will be going back to […]

Children Aint Money

  Dear Life Academy Students, Staff and Families:   We are writing to you because we want to address the topic of child sex trafficking. Child sex trafficking is a big issue in the U.S.A, because there are millions of kids being abducted and sold to others. Child sex trafficking is caused because there are youth who are not able […]

Health Care: Why it is a Problem in the United States

Health Care. It is an industry that works on maintaining and improving the human health by providing medical services, manufacturing medical equipment and developing pharmaceutical. Unlike other industrialized nations, the United States’ health care falls behind these other nations for numerous reasons and therefore negatively impacts the citizens of the U.S. This issue is important to me because the point […]

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