With the rise in obesity and health related problems in the United States, we need to find a solution to help not only this generation, but develop better habits for future generations.

Why is the American diet known as being unhealthy and what can we do to change it? (Tag: Diet)

What it feels like to die?

What I already know about why humans die all the time is because of plenty of reasons. This generation mostly involves death that causes  suicide, murders, and other mental health issues. Other common deaths are a result of illness such as cancer, cardiac arrests, and other illness. There’s been recent tragedies with people, especially the people we love and admire […]

10 Q’s

10 Question About Yourself 1.Why am I aggravated so easily ? ( anger, thoughts, control, inner peace, mindfulness ) 2.Why am I so addicted to my phone ? ( boredom, no life, communicating skills, shy, zombie) 3.Will I ever learn self love ? ( esteem, encouragement, #begoodtoyourself, positive mindset,  ) 4.When will I stop being a lazy bum ? (health, […]

Health benefits

  Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a practice that has been minimally used due to moral controversy.  Those against its use argue that the PAS borders with murder and is therefore morally inhumane. On the other hand, some argue that each individual possess the right to decide their own fate, whether it be in life or in death.  Euthanasia defined […]

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