With the rise in obesity and health related problems in the United States, we need to find a solution to help not only this generation, but develop better habits for future generations.

Why is the American diet known as being unhealthy and what can we do to change it? (Tag: Diet)

Be Comfortable In Your Own Body

I believe that everyone isn’t comfortable in their own body. One person might think that their body isn’t the perfect shape. Another person might say to themselves: “I’m too fat” when they are just not “model skinny.” Someone else might think “I’m not tall enough” or “I’m too short.” The truth is: they shouldn’t really care about that. It makes […]

Challenge of Youth With Single Parents

    An Unbalanced Household Opens The Doors To An Unbalanced Life Data from the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues.   Single parenthood is a serious and common challenge that has strong everlasting effects. The emotional impact on youth is important to consider. To show this, in an interview with Lorena […]

Undercover Modern Day Slavery

Christy Vong 9th grade humanities Ms.Portugal 12/21/18                                      Undercover Modern Day Sex Slavery   Do you know what sex trafficking is? Do you know that it happens quite often?   But why haven’t we seen it happen if it happens quite often? Sex Trafficking is often under cover and many people don’t speak out about it. On a report on Human trafficking […]

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