Mental health has always been stigmatized since forever. Many people live with mental health issues. Some may not even know the correct terminology to what they are going through and believe they are going crazy. In reality they are not, and it makes it worse when someone tries to speak up and it’s taken as a joke. It’s even worse when society lacks empathy surrounding the topic and it becomes the biggest barrier to recovery or accepting it.

The media contributes to the isolation and misinterpretation of mental health. If society tries to get educated on it and realizes that it is a normal and very delicate topic then maybe society would be better. Maybe there would still be people here. Maybe society would be a more open space for people to share their problems, but until then, people would still keep things inside and lose their minds, wanting to share and free themselves  from their minds and recover from disorders. All society does is have inaccurate and glamorized depictions of mental health. Until they take it seriously and represent it as it is, then it will continue to be a problem. Until its treated with kindness, it will get bigger and bigger.

Why don’t people talk about the side effects of mental health, not just how there’s certain things you can’t just do. People think you are being lazy or making excuses. One issue in the news that I’ve noticed that gets me charged up is how topics and situations gets brushed off instead of getting into it and paying attention to it.

  • How the notion of just getting up and trying one more time is important.
  • How it’s more than just getting up every day.
  • How it is mentally exhausting just thinking about it due to this capitalist and ignorant world.
  • How people still have to push themselves harder and go on on their day when mentally they just want to shut off.
  • How unresolved trauma is what leads most situations and effects to develop.
  • How what’s not talked about enough is how parents don’t understand how they unresolved trauma can inflict on us and their anger.
  • How they brush our feelings away wanting to feel superior to us having  a competition on who has more feelings when it shouldn’t be like that.

I have some questions:

  • Why is mental health stigmatized?
  • I would like to know why is mental health not taken seriously?
  • Why is so stigmatized for over centuries?
  • Why is it that when someone speaks up it is taken as a joke or ignored or belittled, making the person regret their decision, making it worse?
  • Why are people afraid of admitting their feelings?
  • Why do people push away mental illness?’
  • Why do people dehumanize it when it’s a natural thing? 
  • Why are people so afraid of it?
  • Why can’t people admit that it’s okay to have feelings and reach for help?
  • Why is it viewed as weakness when its a natural thing we’re made o

It is not weak to admit your feelings. It is weak to not admit them. Why is it so stigmatized all over society, family, friends?

There are many different types of mental disorders informing on why we feel the way feel so why can’t people research and inform themselves? What are the disorders not talked about enough ? 

What I notice about the issue and aspects of the issue based on what I’ve read on a site called Can We Talk, is that there are many factors that lead to mental health problems. Some may not be such a big deal for some, but just because some don’t want to agree that doesn’t mean its not valid. Some of them are about self-esteem. ” This is the value we place on ourselves, our positive self-image and sense of self-worth.”

“Feeling loved” is another factor identified on “Can We Talk.” The simple concept of affection majority of us lack due to difficult childhood or simply lack of affection and feelings communications and relationships with guardians.

The site also talk about “family break up or loss,” which causes many issues due to the dynamic and relation being loss and the toxic dynamic that it was displayed, growing up without the right idea of a healthy relationship which may not be the case for everyone but most of them. 

Difficult behavior its caused by many impulses and not being able to manage them the right way, it may also be due the infliction of parents.

I think abuse is one that speaks for itself. There’s many different types of abuse people may not be aware of. For example the way people may communicate, their actions, repressed feelings, toxic relationships, emotional abuse, psychical abuse. 

Photo by Tumisu (Pixabay)

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October 26, 2020 7:49 pm

I love how you you stated that people dont speak up because they look weak. I used to be like this and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this. It’s a human thing to have feelings and to show them.

October 26, 2020 4:11 pm

You did a really good job in your introduction describing how mental health problems can feel because I think a lot of people can connect with having felt that way. I also like how you tied empathy into it, showing that we do need empathy in our world to overcome the stigmatism on mental health.

October 26, 2020 4:09 pm

I really enjoyed how you touched on how many won’t speak up about their feelings because they don’t want to be viewed as weak. I do feel like there is a stigma around mental health and we need to break the stigma. I agree that many mental health topics/situations do go unseen because people don’t dedicate enough time to address them.

October 26, 2020 4:06 pm

I enjoyed your writing. Something that stood out to me was how you mentioned the role social media plays in mental health stigmas. I think you made extremely good points on how when others see social media it conveys inaccurate descriptions of mental health. Great job!

October 26, 2020 3:20 pm

I really enjoyed reading your post. I like how you mentioned how society affects people with mental health issues as well as how we can help others who may be struggling to open up about their feelings. I think that mental health is a very overlooked topic for some people and especially with times like now, society is starting to realize how serious these issues can become. I really appreciate how you listed ways to help change one’s mindset, for example, the link to Can We Talk, and examples to help someone who may not understand this topic very well to at least get a sense of what someone might be going through. Best wishes!

October 26, 2020 3:17 pm

I like how you involved examples to mental illness’ and different ideas on what it can look like. By including these examples, you don’t just tell people about it but you also show them.

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