Why is climate change bad? What can you do to stop it? by Emily

October 25, 2019


Why is climate change bad? What can you do to stop it?

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Why is climate change bad? It causes an increase in temperatures across the globe. Soon, in some places, it could become high become enough to kill. Higher temperatures cause extreme weather. Hurricanes will become more frequent and more severe.

This raise in temperature melts the ice caps, also causing raising water levels and flooding. The warmer water also adversely affects biodiversity, which will cause starvation.

Climate also causes precipitation patterns to change. Precipitation will become more intense and less frequent. This is bad because (according to climatechangereality.com,) “Rain that falls as a violent downpour doesn’t gently soak into the soil, and instead quickly runs off into rivers and is carried back to the sea, leaving the land to get drier and drier between periods of precipitation.” 

The rise in temperatures will also cause more droughts and heat waves, which endanger crops, animal, and human life.

Air quality will grow worse with climate change. Vector-borne disease (diseases transferred by insects such as mosquitoes) will become more frequent, because the geographic areas certain insects can survive will spread.

Arid locations will run out of water more quickly, and these places will find this water harder to replenish. Water is necessary both to live and grow crops. The lack of water security will result in food shortages and less fertile soil. The food that is grown will have less nutrients: “Recent research has revealed that elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere can actually have a “junk food effect” on typically nutritious foods. As increasing CO2 speeds up photosynthesis, plants are producing more and more carbohydrates to keep up with their sped-up growth – at the expense of the minerals, vitamins, and proteins that take longer to build (and which we need).” (climatechangereality.com)

Lastly, climate change hurts the economy: “climate solutions like renewable energy are fueling our economy and creating good, well-paying jobs. In 2016, renewable energy employed nearly 10 million people around the globe. This sector has offered hope to laid off fossil fuel workers in places like Alberta – where (during the 2015 oil price crash) “an estimated 100,000 Canadian oil workers were laid off, at some points causing Alberta’s unemployment rate to hover around 10 percent.” (davidsuzuski.org)

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