From birth stubborn

with fire and water

a hotheaded boy

a calm thoughtful guy

with anger and honor

a passion for boxing

visions blurry

high adrenaline

hearts pumping

telling you to keep going

heads damaged

telling you to stop now

you’ve been here before

you’ll do it again

your a thoughtful person that enjoys his quiet time

but you can’t help to enjoy the rush

going over the limits is what you like

having a headache and have the need to throw up after

I’m use to it now

qutting isn’t an option when I care

after all I’m human


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February 25, 2018 2:48 am

Jose, this is a great poem. You really describe what kind of a person you are and how relentless you are towards achieving your goals. I liked how you referred to yourself as a hotheaded boy, as it is a creative way to describe anger in yourself. I enjoyed reading this, and I hope you continue writing these cool creative poems.

February 23, 2018 6:47 pm

This poem is strong, it is very descriptive of what you have a passion for. This also shows the type of person you are and how you feel towards yourself. The part where you put quitting as not being an option shows your persistence in accomplishing what your aiming for.

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