Why I’m Helpful as Hell


Growing up, I was always told by my parents,

“si tienes la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien, ayudales,

no sabes si el dia de manana ocuparas de su ayuda.”

I took in action the words of my parents and followed their steps.

Which I’m really grateful I did

and still do.

This is why I’m helpful as hell.


My parents words stuck with me.

They always remind me of the importance of helping someone out.

Even the smallest things,

the “unimportant things” you think it is,

can brighten someone’s  day.

You never know,

Your single act of kindness could change someone’s live,

In more ways you could possibly think of.


One day you can have it all,

the other, you can have nothing.

Life is about supporting and helping each other.

Is not a competition

were all in this together.


I’m that person my friends can always count on

cus I will always be there for them to help them out

In whatever they need if I can.


Helping others is not only beneficial to the person you are helping but to you too,

It makes you feel good about yourself.

Being helpful is a decision that you can only make.

I love being helpful and it’s a gift that I will forever cherish.


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February 28, 2018 6:19 pm

Dear Esme,
I’m grateful for your post “why am i helpful as hell” because it’s a good thing that you help and its grateful for the people your also helping. It gives them an opportunity so they can trust you and give you something in return. A sentence that really stood out to me was “ Growing up, I was always told by my parents,“si tienes la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien, ayudarles,no sabes si el dia de mañana ocupará de su ayuda.”I took in action the words of my parents and followed their steps.Which I’m really grateful I did and still do”. This stood out to me because i can also use this for myself and take myself to take better steps and i can also tell other people as well so they can also be courageous to other people by helping. Thank you for your post.

February 22, 2018 7:09 pm

Dear Esme,
Thank you for writing this poem about you being helpful as hell. I like that you took your parents advice and applied it to your life. I enjoyed the way you wrote, “One day you can have it all,the other, you can have nothing.Life is about supporting and helping each other.Is not a competition, were all in this together.” I think what you said is very true. You never know what life throws at you which is why is good to helpful. I liked how you wrote that life is about helping and supporting each other and not a competition. I agree with you because we shouldn’t be competing about who’s more successful or has better things. It’s about helping each other out in time of needs. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think what you wrote is very important and people should take your advice and also your parents. I know that I will.

February 22, 2018 7:00 pm

Thank you Esme for sharing your poem and explaining why your helpful as hell, I think its really nice that you have followed and taken your parents advice to be helpful and I agree with you I believe its really important to help others because you can also need of someone elses is help in the future.

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