Why I am Feminist As Hell


    Because there is hella machismo

I am pro-choice – my body NOT yours

Women getting raped and assaulted is NOT ok

Men shouldn’t feel ashamed to cry

Consent needs to be taken seriously

Because there is hella machismo

I support the LGBTQ Community  

Abortion should NOT be the choice of the government

Women are as strong as men

Women can be leaders

Because there is hella machismo

Women can be the head of the household

Because moms can work too,

they don’t have to be stay at home moms  

Because boys should be taught to cook

and clean as well

Because there is hella machismo

Because respecting a woman,

should not be seen as being weak  

Girls should be taken serious in sports

Because men are capable of

being single parents

Because there is hella machismo

Because women should have never had  

the need to fight in order to vote

Because men should serve

their own damn plate

Why do we have to give up our

last name when we get married?

Women and any other gender

can become president  

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March 20, 2018 9:25 pm

I agree with you but you acting as women are the greater victims of all of this really hurts your image

February 23, 2018 7:05 pm

Your memoir is so dope best friend! Good job, I am proud of you for standing up for us women. Your words are very powerful and I hope that with your memoir, there can be a change in this world.

February 23, 2018 2:42 am

Dear Liz,
Your poem was such a well written poem and I am so amazed by it. I loved how you took the time to talk about what you think is right and what you think is wrong. While reading your poem it made me think about what I stand up for as a women. This poem really speaks about how you are as a person. You are the true meaning of feminism. Great Job !

February 22, 2018 7:10 pm

Dear lisseth, Your writing says alot about your personality, really caring and supportive. Many people who reads your writing appreciate what you are saying about feminism. You did a really good job!

February 22, 2018 7:06 pm

Thanks for writing this my friend Its a good poem and it really sticks out alot 🙂

February 22, 2018 7:02 pm

Dear Liz,

I am amazed by your poem. I can truly relate to it because I don’t like the way society categorizes men and women. Anyone should be able to do whatever they want and their gender shouldn’t matter. I also like that you wrote about this because machismo is something really huge in the Latin communities. A quote I really enjoyed was, “Because men should serve their own damn plate. Why do we have to give up our last name when we get married?” This line is really powerful because it is true, giving up our last name doesn’t mean we are someone’s property and they can do whatever they want with us. As women, we should stand up for our rights.

-Yahaira C.

February 22, 2018 6:53 pm

Thanks for writing this Lisseth,
This was such a powerful poem, that I can really relate too. The world needs to read this piece because it is really something powerful. Although it’s about women I am so glad that you talk about men, how their is so much machismo in this world. Thanks once again for writing, I really do love this poem. Can’t wait until more people read this poem, and appreciate how well written it is.

February 22, 2018 6:52 pm

Thanks for your writing! I think you did a really good job in writing this poem. Looking forward to your next writing post !

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