Why I’m Emotional As Hell by Angie

February 23, 2018


Why I’m Emotional As Hell

Why do we fall in love?

Man meets woman

Woman meets woman

Man meets Man


Simple love, but is it long lasting Love?


But why do we fall for one another,

experiment with one another,

create a growing passion for one another?

And in the end even hurt one another?


Why do we kill one another,

Pain ourselves over each other?

Why do we lie, and take from another?


Why do we change ourselves for one another?

Go insane for one another,

Create problems with one another,

Hate one another.


Why do we not care about each other,

Why don’t we spread peace, love and positivity to one another,

Why must we force action for change,

Why must we be so stubborn.


But instead we should grow from one another,

Motivate each other,

Learn from one another, from ourselves.

We should support and love each other,

But why can’t we?


Why do we crash and fall and lose ourselves.

Make harsh decisions when we are sad and lonely.

Live life to the fullest when we have loved ones and the will to live.

No one deserves to be alone and deal with life on their own.


But in reality we fear the most when someone is gone.

No longer intertwined with them,

Memories rush in, like a car chase.

Unexpected and confusing.

Not understanding why and how.


We worry so much of what can happen rather than preventing what will happen if things are not under control.

We worry so much rather than living in the moment.

We worry just so much.