Why I joined Lit Mag by Nate

November 17, 2020


Why I joined Lit Mag

Why did I join Lit Mag?

Art has always played a subtle role in keeping my sanity anchored and engaged. So when I was told one of the only available classes for 6th period was lit mag I did not hesitate. Music and writing have helped me get through the darker times in my life. Overall if you look at my apple music I listen to at least 1000 hours of music a year, that is no exaggeration either. Those long hours have really led me to look at my own writing, whether it’s a poem, story, or songs, and connect with them

I am so grateful I found a safe and secure way to express things hard to put into words. And that is what drove me to lit mag, besides the fact the actual pieces being submitted are fascinating and it is always fun to see the skills my classmates have, I truly enjoy the art and symbolism, it’s very unique to get to compile the experiences and works of people you spend every day with for hours. I am a storyteller at heart and everything submitted has its own story. My safe haven is their safe haven we just show it in different ways.