Dear Future President,


College can change your life. This is what I grew up hearing from my father. My parents came as immigrants to the United States in their teenage years, and since then they’ve done nothing but work strenuously to provide for our family. I am aware that there are many others like me who have grown up with the same story, and I’m sure we’ve all aspired to reach college. But what I’m drawing attention to is the careless and absurd way the state and school districts allocate money for schools. I’m sure there are many many reasons for why schools aren’t being given the sufficient and essential funds to ensure a solid and quality education for the students. But whatever reasons these may be, schools need enough money for tools, books, sports, and AP classes.


A school needs  to ensure that every student is prepared and is well informed about their chances to attend a good college. There’s an imbalance right now, rich schools have the resources to better prepare and have the money to offer many more college prep classes, and poor schools are left short. I came from a low income community and I can’t stress how unfair this is; many of my peers would have applied and at least had the choice to apply to college had our school had more money for better classes so that there could be more AP students instead of  the school having to choose and ultimately turn some students down. If we had enough money there would be tutoring, enough books, and enough computers.The shortage of funds cripples many of the young adults in my community, and because of this disadvantage our ability to be able to compete with other students for a spot at a well known college is greatly diminished.

California receives billions of dollars a year that is targeted towards education, and the problems lies within the school districts. There are many forms of discrimination; where I’m from the majority of the money is given to the schools who are less ethnically diverse. I attended the biggest of the high schools in my district; we also sent the most students to UC’s and CSU’s, and received the most scholarships. So why do we receive the least amount of money out of all the schools? That’s a very good question, and it’s one that needs to be asked and fixed in many schools around California.



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