Why does everybody go crazy when they see the Lamborghini Aventador? by Wilson

November 14, 2018


Why does everybody go crazy when they see the Lamborghini Aventador?

The Lamborghini Aventador is a beautiful and fast Italian car. The Aventador is named after a fighting bull. This Lamborghini is one of the most popular out of the other Lamborghini’s. It’s the most known among kids and the super car lovers. When you hear the loud v12 engine out the back of this car, you know it means business. A lot of celebrities buy this car to show it off so people can know someone rich is in there. With its elegant looks and speed, the Lamborghini Aventador makes a great and gorgeous car.

I first got interested in the Aventador back in 2012 when it was manufactured. It was made to replace the Lamborghini Murcielago, his big brother. Lots of Lamborghini fanboys and car enthusiast loved the Murcielago and still love it because it’s an amazing car till this day.

What I wonder about the Lamborghini Aventador is if the car is ever going to lose its resale value. With super cars and sports cars nowadays, they lose a lot of their resale value over the years. This Lamborghini’s big brother, the Murcielago, is still holding on to its resale value since it came out brand new.

What a lot of people ask when they see the Lamborghini is how much they paid for it. People who know the Lamborghini Aventador don’t ask that many questions; they already know a lot about it. But they always compliment the car on how beautiful it is, some ask for a ride (which they don’t get), and how fast is it.

The Lamborghini page states: “A Lamborghini must always be recognizable at first sight. This is why each detail of the Aventador models embodies at best the DNA of the iconic Lamborghini look: the authentic design masterpieces together stark dynamism with aggression to produce a cutting edge carbon fiber monocoque. The interior of the Aventador combines high-level technology and luxury equipment with premium-quality materials, skillfully crafted with the expertise characteristic of the finest Italian traditions.”


What you can see here is that the Lamborghini Aventador is made from the finest Italian materials, which is why I love these cars.