A reason why Shakespeare is still studied in schools today is because he is realistic about the things, problems, experiences he has incorporated in his plays.  In a video named “David Tennant explains why Shakespeare still matters” explains how Shakespeare had a way of saying things, and said things that weren’t complex, but straight to the core meaning. Another reason why Shakespeare is studied in schools today is because students gets a chance to reflect on contemporary issues we have now, to the issues back then. For example, in the video “Why study Shakespeare today?” says that Shakespeare’s time was a great time to think about people’s religion, race, nation, sex, etc. and connect it to our society as a whole today.  I also think that Shakespeare is studied in schools today because it makes people open their eyes, makes them realize things that they weren’t aware of.  In the video “To Lead or not to lead: changing the world with Shakespeare-Guy Roberts” says that Shakespeare made him (Guy Roberts) notice things, comprehend life, and simply understand himself in a deep way. Once he began to understand himself, he soon began to understand the world. I think it’s amazing to find yourself, getting to know yourself more and further on learning to understand others because it’s like connecting the dots. You get to one point and soon get to another point, and as a result you have a picture which can represent how a lot of things, the dots, connect to each other and how they create this big representation. I am currently studying Shakespeare’s very own, Othello. My strategies for understanding this play were to read by sections, and carefully choose words I didn’t understand and look them up on Etymology. I then paraphrased the meaning of the words I didn’t understand, and as a result I knew what I was reading. After knowing what I was reading, I identified themes that show up during the different acts of the play. I would then connect characters’ dialogues and reflect them with the different types of themes the play had. For example a big theme in Othello was Apperance vs Reality. I would connect this theme with Iago, the antagonist of the play because he is that character in the play that represents what it is to be two-faced. At this moment, I am done reading Othello. I will say that I had came a long way from reading the beginning of the play because I was very confused and would get easily frustrated by reading Shakespearean text at first. But now that I am done reading, I have noticed that I greatly improved my reading skills due to intense annotating and thinking. I feel very confident about reading Shakespeare because aside from knowing how to read it, I can understand it and connect it to real life.

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December 10, 2018 12:48 am

I really enjoyed reading your post. This post made me think about Shakespeare in many different ways. Before i didn’t put too much thought into his work, but after reading this, it opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to see that his writing is a door way to many other great writings. He just might be the main reason why we have such great stories today. Thank you and I found this really cool website I thought you might enjoy…

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