Why Do We Kill Each Other? by Chidiogo

February 7, 2018


Why Do We Kill Each Other?

             We human beings seem like we can’t keep our heads correct when we are mad or feel like everything is going wrong. Some of us deal with it really well and fix our problems but some of us don’t own up to it and want to take it out on other people. They question is why? Why kill someone that may be innocent for your problems, and if they did something to you why not forgive instead of seeing for revenge.

             According to www.psychologytoday.com, “Human beings kill anything…. Carnivores kill food; we kill our family members, our children, our parents, our spouses, our brothers and sisters, our cousins and in-laws. We kill strangers. We kill people who are different from us, in appearance, beliefs, race, and social status.” From this I seem to understand that we kill because we are seeking for revenge. That we look for a solution to fix our feelings inside so we go and find a way how to get that stress reliever. It’s very sad to hear that people are sometimes willing to kill their own family members.

            One may ask where does this desire to kill originate from. Maybe from primate ancestors. According to www.sciencemag.org “Human bloodlust—from war to murder—traces back millions of years to our primate ancestors. That’s the conclusion of a controversial new study, which reaches far back into our family tree to uncover the evolutionary roots of lethal violence among more than 1000 mammalian species…Murder has been observed in animals ranging from chimpanzees to wolves to marmots, a type of oversized squirrel. José Maria Gómez, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Granada and the Spanish National Research Council’s campus in Almería.” If this is true, then why don’t we humans, now that we’re more advanced and are progressing to new things, change the way we act and change or thoughts on killing one another?

            If one is having any terrible thoughts on killing someone, here’s what one should do, they should really go and talk to somebody. According to www.quora.com, “If your thoughts are something that are becoming strong enough where you feel that you need to act on them, or have become where just a passing thought isn’t enough, then you need to talk to your doctor.” Seeing someone professional will really help with this type of problem. Also maybe looking back at past things that may have happened to you and try to fix them if possible.